Value of Education

Headmaster's Letter

Dear Parent,
Thank you for your interest in The Howard School, the only school in Santa Barbara County using the Carden Method®. We offer classes for children in Preschool through Eighth grades.

The purpose of The Howard School is to enable each child to achieve what Miss Carden called “Life Triumphant.” We are able to achieve this by offering a vital, sequential and interrelated curriculum based on the principle that it is our purpose not to lock the children into one mold, but to “equip a child in such a way that the knowledge and skills he/she attains serves the child as tools by which he/she may express individuality in the field of his/her choice.” These skills include a broad understanding of academic fundamentals, the development of stamina, and the nurturing of each child’s character. Throughout the decades, a Carden education has proven successful in preparing children for the challenges of modern life.

The Carden Method® offers a broad elementary education which stresses comprehension and application over rote memorization. The Howard School teaches children to read with understanding using a comprehensive phonic approach that teaches the sounds and the rhythm of the English language. In addition to Mathematics, Science and Language Arts, the children are instructed in classic Literature, French, Poetry, Art, Music, Drama, Computers and Physical Education. Learning takes place in an environment which encourages problem-solving, creativity, respect, and responsibility. The family atmosphere of the school is founded on the keynote of dignity for every child, teacher and parent.

The current economy presents a severe challenge to many families. It has been generations since parents have had to consider so seriously their priorities before deciding what to do with their financial resources. Please consider the fact that your child’s tuition is an investment that is recession-proof. Although it is more difficult in this climate to afford tuition payments, this recession will eventually prove the value of a world-class education. Historically families invest in education during depressed economic times because they realize that they cannot afford not to give their child such a meaningful life-long advantage.

I realize that there are many options that are available to you as you search for the best placement for your child. I encourage you to contact the school to arrange a personal tour of our school. Talk to our staff, children and parents so that you can experience the qualities that make a Carden education so unique.

Again, thank you for your interest. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Joel Reed