Second Grade

Second Grade Overview

    The Story About Ping                
    Old Mother West Wind                
    Old Mother West Wind's Children                

    Development of the Mental Image                
    Development of Vocabulary                
        Basic Vowel Chart            
        Understanding Word Structure            
    Reading Sentences                
        Rhythmic Reading            
        Answering Comprehension Questions
        Identification of the Keyword            
        Classification of the Keyword            
        Recalling the Story            
        Retelling the Story            

Language Arts                    
    Comprehension Techniques                
        Verb Forms            
            Who = Who        
            Who + Done to        
        Sentence Analysis            
        Reading for Understanding
    Parts of the Sentence                
        Spelling Using Phonics                    
        Cursive Book I 

Art (Taught by a Specialist)
    Learning Fine Arts                
    Art Appreciation                

Physical Education (Taught by a Specialist)
    Motor Skill Development                
    Organized Games                

    Addition with Carrying                
    Subtraction with Repaying                
    Learning the Times Tables                
    Solving Word Problems                
        Addition Pattern            
        Subtraction Pattern            
        Number Needed Pattern            
        Multiplication Pattern            
    Introduction of Fractions                

    Science in Rhyme                

    Famous Americans                
    American Presidents                

French (Taught by a Specialist)  

Music (Taught by a Specialist) 
    Vocal Singing                
    Christmas Program                

    My First Poetry Book                

    Spring Class Play

Mrs. Kidson

The next time you do your banking, you could be talking to a future teacher.  Mrs. Kidson’s 10 year career in the banking industry changed to education as soon as her children started school.  Education had always interested her.  Holding a BS from Cal Poly SLO, Mrs. Kidson holds her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential as well as Single Subject Credential in Home Economics. 

While many students come into second grade as fluent readers, second grade is when reading really takes off.  “It’s always rewarding when a student applies the Carden controls to reading and spelling and sees for himself what wonderful tools he has,” says Kidson.  Mrs. Kidson’s hope for her students when they leave her is that they leave with a love of reading, a mastery of math facts, an interest in how things work in the world around them, and caring and compassion for their classmates. 

What does Mrs. Kidson love most about Howard School?  “The Howard School is a place of joy!  You see it expressed throughout the grade levels and between all the students, teachers and parents. It’s refreshing to see an Eighth Grader initiate interaction with a Kindergartener.  It is a family atmosphere and all the teachers know all the children.”