Preschool Overview

The Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) program is designed to introduce the skills that the child will master in Kindergarten. There is an emphasis on early reading skills, early writing skills, and the development of fine motor skills. Arts and crafts, songs, music and movement, and creativity are developed as well. Pre-K students also enjoy French lessons three days per week through the use of visual aids and songs. The children recite a poem monthly at the morning assembly to introduce public speaking skills and develop confidence. Weekly computer lessons provide an early introduction to technology. The Pre-K program is an excellent preparation for Kindergarten and a necessary introduction to the classroom environment. Students are given the skills that will enable them to transition easily from the Preschool classroom to the Kindergarten classroom.

Preschool Policies

Story Time, Reading Comprehension, Hearing Sounds, Articulation, Experiencing Verbs in Present and Past Tenses, Vocabulary Development

Ask Mr. Bear, Goodnight Moon

Letters & Numbers
Language of Numbers, Counting

Little Rhymes for Little People, Nursery Rhymes, Recitations

School Readiness
Learning About Lesson Time, How to Hold a Crayon, Sharing With Others, Organizing Materials

Fine Motor Skill Development
Coloring, From Left to Right, From Top to Bottom, Cutting and Pasting

Gross Motor Skill Development
Walking Side to Side, Organized Outside Play, Walking Backwards, Balancing, Catching, Kicking a Ball, Play, Dance

Organized Games
Free Play Indoors and Out, Learning to Resolve Difficulties Without Hurting Feelings

Mrs. Robarge

The Howard School is lucky to have Mrs. Robarge as part of Howard's faculty family. Mrs. Robarge has been teaching elementary and early childhood education courses for nearly two decades and is a beloved teacher in Carpinteria. She loves her work and feels most blessed being surrounded by incredibly unique and gifted children who live in the moment and understand the magic each and every day provides us.  Mrs. Robarge has a BA in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Deaf Education and a teaching credential in Elementary Education (BCLAD and Spanish). She is also a Certified Infant and Toddler Educator and has most recently worked for Santa Barbara City College Adult Education - Parent Education Program and the All Smiles Creative Workshop for Kids.  Her career focus revolves around community building through incorporating the arts, sciences, nature and volunteering to shape a new awareness of the world around us while smiling along the way.   She resides in Carpinteria with her husband Roger and two children Isabella and Luke.  According to Headmaster Joel Reed, “The addition of Mrs. Robarge really rounds out our younger grade teaching staff which includes Mrs. Jennifer Gonzalez in Kindergarten and Mrs. Angie Miller in 1st Grade.  These are very important developmental years and having a staff that is committed to the philosophy of the school and our community will make this year memorable in many ways.”  Mrs. Robarge, with her incredible energy, creativity, and smile, completes Howard’s “Dream Team” in early education.