Physical Education

Mr. Riley

Mr. Riley's primary responsibility at The Howard School is to teach Physical Education.  We feel very strongly about incorporating P.E. into our daily curriculum.  It’s one of the components that make Mae Carden’s philosophy of “teaching the whole child” possible.  Mr. Riley says, “Sports teach us a lot about what we need to know in life: good sportsmanship, cooperative play, teamwork and a positive attitude.” 

For the younger children, P.E. is vital; it gives them much needed time to release some energy  and to start developing a sense of their physical being.  The older grades are learning to rely on each other and support one another while developing their skills.  Physical Education is a graded class in middle school, though the grade does not reflect physical ability alone; it reflects sportsmanship, teamwork and character.

Before joining the Howard staff, Mr. Riley was a P.E. Department Aide at Carpinteria Middle School for the last 7 years and was also co-director of Junior Lifeguards for the last 3 years.