Established in 1934

What began as morning lessons for six children at Mrs. Hannah Howard’s Tea Kettle Inn in 1912 has developed into a modern campus serving students from pre-school to eighth grade. The school which was orginally attended by only young ladies, began accepting boys during World War II due to a down turn in enrollment.  Since that time it has enrolled both boys and girls attending preschool through eighth grade. Located in Montecito for 88 years, our campus has been relocated to a semi-rural spot surrounded by city parks and a vibrant agricultural community in Carpinteria, CA. 

After Mrs. Howard's passing the school as been under the direction of several Headmasters.  In 1982, Richard and Judith Harber acquired the school and introduced the Carden cirriculum.   The Carden Method was established in 1934 by educational pioneer, Mae Carden.  The Carden Method® encompasses the developmental progression of every child. The comprehensive curriculum gives children the tools necessary to gain mastery of math, science, reading and writing. Reading skills are taught through a sequential presentation of phonics, rhythm, and visual imagery. Specialty programs including art, music, theatre, foreign language, computers and physical education are central to a Carden education.