Meet our Headmaster

Mr. Joel Reed

What qualities are important to you in a headmaster of a school? Patience, fairness, wisdom, integrity and honesty, good and fair judgment, humility, a keen sense of humor, trustworthiness, a true gentleman.  If so, then you have a clear picture of the qualities expressed by the Headmaster of The Howard School – Joel Reed.

Joel Reed became the 4th Headmaster of The Howard School in the Fall of 2000.  Understanding the basic philosophy the school was founded on, “Teaching the Whole Child” has remained the foundation of our success.  No one does this better than Mr. Reed.  His deep love of the educational process and his dedication to teaching and seeing the potential in each and every child, provides our school with an impressive balance of tradition and forward thinking.  A graduate of Northern Arizona University, he majored in History with a minor in Mathematics.  He continued with his Graduate work at the University of Arizona. 

His teaching career started at a Carden School that was an offshoot of one that had been founded by his mother in Flagstaff, Arizona.  While his mother ran the lower school, Mr. Reed agreed to establish and run a Middle School and High School using the same curriculum.  After  teaching for seven years in Arizona, he was contacted by the Carden Educational Foundation and told of a small school in Santa Barbara that was in need of a Headmaster.  He and his wife Sharon, having not yet started a family, decided to make the move and joined the school in 2000.  The Howard School had already adopted the Carden Method back in 1984.  So being very confident in the curriculum, Mr. Reed set about overseeing the operations and relocating the school to its current location in Carpinteria. 

When asked what he loves about the school, he will say, “It’s in providing a meaningful education to each child.”  When he greets the students in the morning as they enter the school, they not only look forward to shaking his hand, but they know they are in a safe and nurturing environment.  They know that something special is going to take place at The Howard School today.