Madame Griffin

Some may think it's odd that we teach French at The Howard School and this is a question that we get a lot. When Mae Carden started teaching, she made the connection that the French Language was really based on the early premise of what we now know as phonics. There is a strong correlation between the English and French languages and it helps build the foundation for understanding the English language. We start teaching French as early as Pre-Kindergarten where they are introduced to songs and recite poems in French. By 8th Grade, most students are capable of conversational French and comprehension. We are so lucky to have Madame Griffin at our school. She is from the South East Region of France, Lyon. She has been sharing the love of teaching for 30 years and has been teaching French in the United States since 1985. She is equally enthusiastic about teaching the culture, the foods and the language of her native country. According to Madame Griffin, “The kids really like the French cooking the best; it’s easy to have fun in the kitchen making crêpes, boeuf bourguignon or the galette pastry for La Galette des Rois (kings cake) celebration each year. The children enjoy finding the figurine in the cake which allows them to become the King and Queen for the day.” We are very proud of our French program at the school and feel it is just one more element that makes our program unique.