Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Overview

    Swiss Family Robinson                        
    The Little Lame Prince                        
    Aesop's Fables                        

    Development of the Mental Image                        
    Development of Vocabulary                        
        Begin Advanced Vowel Chart                    
        Using Word Structure                    
    Reading Sentences                        
        Rhythmic Reading                    
        Answering Comprehension Questions    
        Identification of the Keyword                    
        Classification of the Keyword                    
        Organization of Content                    
            Creating an Informal Outline                

Language Arts
    Comprehension Techniques                        
        Verb Forms                    
            Negative Statement                
            Negative Interrogative                
        Sentence Analysis                    
        Reading for Understanding                    
        Eight Parts of Speech                    
        Verb Tenses                    
            Present, Past, Future, Present Perfect,
            Past Perfect                
        Adverbial Phrases                    
        Parts of a Sentence                        
        Spelling Using Phonics                            

    Following Composition Patterns                        
        Standard Paragraph                    
            Topic Sentence                
    Book Reports                        
    Creative Writing

    Mastery of Addition and Subtraction                        
    Long Multiplication                        
    Long Division                        
    Solving Word Problems                        
    Writing Word Problems                        
        Conversion of Units

    Learning to Live                        
    Exploring Science Book 1
    Exploring Science Book 2                        
        Sea and Seashore                    

Must prepare Science Project for Upper Grade Science Faire                            

    U.S. History from Explorers to the  Revolution        
        Our Home Our Earth
French (Taught by a Specialist)
    Sentence Structure                        
Music (Taught by a Specialist)
    Vocal Singing                        
    Christmas Program 
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow                        
    Spring Class Play
Art (Taught by a Specialist)
    Learning Fine Arts                        
    Art Appreciation 
Physical Education (Taught by a Specialist)
    Organized Games                        
        Learning Rules and Basic Skills for Sports         
    Track and Field                        
    Personal Fitness                        

Ms. Brewster

Ms. Brewster, as a third generation Carden teacher, brings her love of learning and dedication to education to The Howard School.  Perhaps her teaching skills came naturally as her grandmother, a Carden teacher trained by Miss Carden and her mother, a Carden student herself and then the director of a successful Carden school in Maui, were her inspirations to pursue a teaching career.  After completing a comprehensive fourteen week Carden teacher training course she began teaching first grade at Carden Academy in Mission Viejo.  She feels privileged to still have the ability to ask questions to someone who knew Mae Carden personally. Ms. Brewster attended fourth grade at Carden Hall in Newport Beach, which gave her first hand experience with the timeless education that our students are receiving.

Ms. Brewster earned an Associate of Arts in English from Santa Barbara City College and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She focused on educational and developmental psychology, which gives her insight toward the students and a greater understanding of their thinking.

When asked what she loves most about The Howard School, she answered that along with the curriculum, the children's sense of security about themselves gives her the greatest pleasure. "I love working with middle school students who respect each other for their individuality and have learned to think on their own," she stated.