Daily Enrichment

Success For Every Child

Success for Every Child
Our goal is to promote growth of the whole child including emotional and physical development coupled with the pursuit of academic excellence. Small class sizes allow teachers to work closely with each child to develop strengths and target areas of weakness.

Music and Theater
Music and theater classes are offered to all students weekly. Our annual holiday program, musical performances, and end-of-year plays foster poise, composure and confidence in even the shyest child.

Children study the masters, exploring technique, composition, and color in a variety of media. They develop an appreciation of many cultures through art history. Our annual art show highlights every child’s unique talents and vision.

Computer Studies
Beginning in Kindergarten, students become familiar with a variety of age appropriate software. Computers are an important component of the language arts curriculum.

Foreign Language
Howard students study French beginning in preschool. Latin is introduced in the seventh grade. Children benefit from the discipline, structure and vocabulary of learning other languages.

Physical Education
We offer PE every day to encourage and develop physically fit children who understand the value of fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Regardless of the physical abilities of the student, success can be achieved with coorperation and participation at all levels.  Students are also give an opportunity to play and be active at a snack break and at lunch time.  This enables us to place the physical activities throughout the day.

Organic Lunch Program
Understanding the importance of nourishing the whole body, we are very pleased to be able to our students the option of an organic lunch.  Thanks to our dedicated parent volunteer group we are able to offer an organic lunch to those who wish to participate Monday through Wednesday.  We are also proud that the ingredients for our lunches are sourced locally whenever possible and we are able to show the students first hand what is seasonal and available in our own community.    In addition to lunch, each student is asked to bring a healthy snack to school each day.