Board of Directors

The Howard School is led by the Board of Directors and the Headmaster, each with its own distinct but complementary responsibilities to forward the goals and aspirations of the school.  

The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for ensuring that the school has the resources necessary for fulfilling its mission and long-range planning.  This includes but is not limited to:  policy formulation, stewardship of the school’s assets, selection and providing counsel to the Headmaster and representing the school in the community at large. 

Prior to the annual fundraising event, the Board Selection Committee nominates candidates and presents them to the current Board for consideration, discussion and vote;  new members are frequently recruited from among the active parent community, however, members that offer a specific talent or background may be selected from the general community.   Once approved the Board member will serve staggered three-year terms; the President of the Board serves a two year term of office.  The elected officers of the Board must also reflect the high moral and ethical standards of the school while adhering to the mission of the school which is to provide a Carden education of the highest quality, in accordance with the standards of the Carden Educational Foundation, in the Santa Barbara area for students in grades Preschool through Eighth.

Affairs regarding students, teachers, or parents are not the responsibility of the Board. Matters of this nature should are the direct responsibility of the Headmaster.


Stephanie Zimmerman
Elected to the Board in 2014

Vice President

Eric Neuron

Elected to the Board in 2016


Sarah Huskins
Elected to the Board in 2014

Treasurer/Finance Committee

Ida Kane
Elected to the Board in 2012


Carla Mager
Elected to the Board in 2009

General Counsel

Jeralyn Ehlers
Elected to the Board in 2013

Toyosi Balagun
Elected to the Board in 2014


Dan Rudd
Elected to the Board in 2014


Jody Pesapane

Elected to the Board in 2016


Rori Trovato

Elected to the Board in 2016


Anita Betancourt

Elected to the Board in 2016